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An INTERIOR DESIGNER is like any other knowledgeable professional like Accountant, Lawyer, Architect, Counselor, etc.

These professionals deal with the sale of knowledge or Intellectual property (IP).

When dealing with these professionals you expect to pay for their knowledge or guidance.

You are paying for them to give you INFORMATION! So where does that leave FREE??

If you don't get free service from any other professionals then please don't expect it from INTERIOR DESIGNERS. They have invested in the knowledge acquired and they can't give it for free. They also have to use fuel, time, and other costs to your site.

Next time you think of asking for free service, let's see if you can ask your doctor to come home, see you, test you, and give you a prescription for free just because you know you will buy the drugs. Let's respect other people's businesses and Tech Home East Africa Ltd we love to transform homes but not for FREE 🙉.

But if you run a charitable organization like children's homes, clinics, or elderly homes we would love to give this service for free. Talk to us.

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